Corporate Social Responsibilities


Because of problems in global warming and long-term health effects of environmental pollution, companies in any industries aspire to become environmentally more responsible and “green”. In PPQC, we give our best to contribute and help protect our environment. We utilize state-of-the-art incinerators specially designed to suppress dioxin and other harmful toxin in processing our wastes. We strictly follow government regulations in waste disposal and we hire appropriate companies that are experts in their field in the handling and processing of industrial wastes.

Recently, as a result of the nuclear power plant explosions and the decrease in energy production in our region, we have installed the most advanced solar panels in the market in our facilities. By generating our own electricity to partially supply our needs, we decreased our power consumption so that we can contribute more in the rebuilding efforts of our government. With these upgrades, our energy consumption is more efficient and we become a more environmentally-friendly company.