General Management, Consultancy and Information Control


Control and the effective use of information is the most important aspect in the total management of a poultry enterprise. The word “Information” may have several meanings but we are referring to “Industrial Information” and “real information that can gathered and observed from the field”. With the advances in information technology and advent of smartphones and wireless technologies, obtaining online information is quite very easy. However, application of these kind of information in actual farming conditions is oftentimes difficult.


PPQC utilizes the state-of-the-art tools to manage industrial information and process it into useable forms and programs that are specifically customized to satisfy the needs of each of its client farms. PPQC attends and facilitates regular farm and board room meetings to guide its client farms in the formulation of effective production, management and marketing strategies that will help them improve in their performance.

PPQC have established several research collaborations and direct linkages to a vast network of Universities and foreign research institutes to make sure that its client farms are properly informed of the most updated real time information and happenings not only from Japan but also from most regions of the world.


To functions as a poultry information hub so that information can be effectively shared and use to bridge the gap between the field, the industry and the academe, PPQC established the Japan Poultry Industry Science and Technology Research Association (JPISTRA) (formerly known as the Association of Japanese Layer Industries Science and Technology (JLIST)) which is conducted annually and attended by prominent members and poultry institutions in Japan.